What does it take to be a Virtuous Woman?

Virtuous Woman

There’s an innate desire within each of us women to be the best that we can be. It is what pushes us to take a business class, enroll in the local gym, get into that relationship or join a nature expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro. We want to grow for the better. Some of us grew up strongly influenced by the relationships around us, celebrities, the media and even fashion purporting what a real woman should act, look and desire. The real question is, in today’s world, can a woman reach self-actualization?

Of importance, is no matter who you are—whether you are graduating from high school or college, starting a new job or staying on at your current job, moving into a new neighborhood, embarking on a new marriage or motherhood, are a single mom, or a director at a fortune 400 company—we are all on different paths to being the ideal woman. The truth is we can never always be all things to all people. So, the only thing we can be is what God created us to be.

The Bible defines the ideal woman as eshet-chayil (pronounced aish-et chai-eel and translated as “Woman of Valor”), Hebrew for a virtuous woman as indicated in the book of Proverbs. Becoming this ideal or virtuous woman is a self-discovery journey that has no time limit. Everyone has their own journey, which they must make, and no two journeys are the same. Your journey is not someone else’s journey. Bearing that in mind, let’s look at some basic truths that we as women should strive towards.

  • Know Your Value

You are beautiful and regal, the queen of your own world, no matter what your present circumstance is. Hold yourself in high esteem and others in even higher regard, and they will soon recognize your value. Different seasons of life brings about different feelings. You might find yourself feeling excited, anxious, contented, frazzled, over the moon or even burdened. Just remember the circumstances you are facing today don’t define who you are. God clearly picked you to experience this journey for a reason. Enjoy the season as God births something great out of you. After all God could have chosen anyone else but He chose you to be in your current position because you are perfect for it.

You are the perfect mother to your kids. You are the best suited executive for that job. You are the ideal wife for that man. No matter what, you are the virtuous woman for your current position.

  • Take Care Of Yourself

A virtuous woman contributes to overall goodness and moral integrity not just of her own self but even that of the people surrounding her. She is careful not to tear down others, whether by her words or actions, but instead, always seek for the opportunity to build, in both good and bad times.

A virtuous woman takes care of her body and makes the necessary lifestyle changes. She is aware of the language she uses and avoids at all costs engaging in anything that is selfish or shallow. A virtuous woman does these things, for she knows she is a woman of great worth and beauty.

  • Take Care Of Your Relationships

Don’t forget to attend to your family. A virtuous woman is busy in activities that add value and well-being to her family, parents, children spouse, siblings, friends and even her employees or employer because they are connected to her. These are all people that add value to your life in one way or another. Taking care or being mindful about their well-being will also give you a great sense of satisfaction.

A true virtuous woman shows respect and always strives to be found trustworthy when dealing with others. She values, teaches, disciplines and nurtures those surrounding her, depending on the nature of their relationship.

In the end, a virtuous woman will receive “personal” recognition for the way she lives her life. What sets her apart from other women is that when other women demand recognition for what they do, a virtuous woman receives recognition because of what she has done for others or how she has treated the people around her (Proverbs 31:28). She needs not strive for recognition. It comes to her – searching, seeking and following her for the regal and virtuous woman that she is.

What do you think is the most difficult attribute of the virtuous woman to exhibit? Leave a comment below. Tell us about the virtual women in your life.

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